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Disclaimer of Limitation of Liabilities and Warranties.

This website provided by GQ Research is on an ‘as is’ and ‘as available’ basis. The company, GQ Research does not make any rendition or warranty of any kind or implied as to the operation of this website or the content or the information or the products that are listed on this website. You agree that the use of this site is at your own risk and GQ Research isn't liable for the equivalent or any harm that may result from it.

To the full degree as is allowable by the appropriate laws of the state, GQ Research renounces any warranties that are express or implied, this is including however isn't restricted to any Implied warranties of merchantability as well as fitness for any particular purpose.

Besides its own content and tools, GQ Research also uses content and information from third party websites. In some cases, you may also find links to them. GQ Research, however, does not hold responsibility for the quality, form, or any other aspect related to the content on the third party website. We also, do not account for any loss or damage incurred to the consumer electronically, physically, monetarily, or in any other form, due to the third party website or content.

This particular disclaimer from the GQ Research is subject to change at any time. The company (GQ Research) can modify this (disclaimer) at any time of it's choosing in terms of new products or new policies made available.